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Sunday 30 December 2007

Digital Rangefinder

I went yesterday to a RFF meetup in Toronto. I had the occasion of testing out the Epson R-D1, the first digital rangefinder camera, and I must say I'm pretty impressed.

Here is one of the shot, straight JPEG from the camera:

For this picture the lens (a L mount Canon 50mm f/1.5 that belong to the pictured camera) is not as sharp, the two other lens I tried are much better.

Oh and libopenraw now support the Epson ERF RAW files (code in git).

Thanks to Jack for the camera and lenses, as well as Joseph for the other lens (used here).

Elephant & Castle, Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, Canada - December 29th 2007

False claim

Alvaro: I hate to be the devil advocate, but claiming that Java is a Free (-Software) platform is a bit inaccurate. So far, Sun still hasn't released a fully functionnal JDK under a Free Software license, and AFAIK the Free Software re-implementation of Java are not up to either, even though IcedTea is probably going in the right direction.