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Thursday 28 February 2008

I told you so!

I think that this time I can say "I told you so".

In 2005/09 I posted this to rant about the use of hidden and undocumented MacOS X API in WebKit.

In 2008/02, the Mozilla folks post this, this and this where they denounce that issue.

The difference is that at that time I didn't bother to provide data like performance comparison, probably because I decided that it was someone else problem.

To add the these post, Microsoft actually got sued, back in the early 90s, for using undocumented APIs in order to be ahead of their competition in the space of... office applications. And Apple employees still continue to drink the KoolAid claiming that one need to file a bug... or that these are not API bit SPI (sic)[1].

This is just one of the many frustration I no longer get by choosing only Free Software.


[1] actual justification given to me at one point

CPU^wSpam assassin

Federico: concerning Spamassassin in Evolution, I filed that bug a while back. Enjoy.