You probably read it on /. or elsewhere, but here is the important part of a PR about a lawsuit:

FACIL, a non-profit association, which promotes the collective appropriation of Free Software, contests the Quebec government purchasing methods for software used within public administrations. FACIL has filed a motion before the Quebec Superior Court in order to bring an end to these methods which the association believes are not in the best interest of the Quebec government, but more importantly, not in accordance with the regulation for supply contracts, construction contracts and service contracts of government departments and public bodies (R.Q. c. A-6.01, r.0.03).

In short when the Québec government spend millions of tax payer money buying proprietary software, after bending its rules to not have to call for bids, it does not get unnoticed. The fact that only Free Software advocate are raising the issues is just revealing.

It started a while back, in March, with a potential bidder: Savoir Faire Linux' declarative judgment request