I just released Gnote 0.2.0. Here is the changelog:

New features

  • Now support addins (Bug #578980): - Fixed Width
  • Show addins in preferences.


  • Can now close the template note opened when the Preferences dialog is open. (Close #579105)
  • Check for Gtk+ 2.14 or later and include gtk/gtk.h in src/utils.cpp (Close #579240)
  • Fix wrongly highlighted URLs and a crash when inserting in some situation. (Close #579225)
  • Fix offsets on WikiWord (similar to bug #579225)
  • Initialize gettext properly (Close #579520)
  • Properly check for libxml2.
  • Drag and drop of notes to a notebook (Close #579637)
  • Fixed hang when changing the title of a note (Close #579362)
  • The open state of notes is now saved properly.


  • Update comment to reflect format in strings. (Close #579209)
  • Ensure the spelling of Gnote.
  • Some strings shouldn't be translated. (Close #579197)
  • Date format are non localizable. (Close #579207)
  • Properly use plural forms (Close #579412)
  • Remove markup from translatable strings (Close #579453)
  • Added translations: - Swedish (sv) - Greek (el) - Arabic (ar) - Catalan (ca) - German (de) - French (fr)

Many thanks to the translation teams and the people who provided feedback.

The tarball can be downloaded fronm GNOME FTP

There is more to come: the addins (I had to rewrite an addin system based on Glib::Module, which I hope will be generic enough ; I'll see when I integrate it into Niepce), the synchronization (I have a branch locally that I need to test thoroughly, for which I also needed addin support), and what not.