• Installed the Maemo Diablo SDK (only the FLOSS part). This involved installing Scratchbox, disabling some SELinux, and so on. Also Xephyr crashes. Filed bug in Fedora. And last but not least, I had to reinvent diskspace as both / and /home are more than full. 60GB HDD ought to be enough.
  • Some issues with getting Gnote dependencies for Maemo. Will bother later, even though that's one of the reason I installed the SDK.
  • Built and fixed AbiWord 2.7.x for Maemo. At least I share the tree with the regular desktop build. Got it running, but the built-in input method just eat the "return" key presses therefor making it hard to use AbiWord in the SDK. Will need to investigate that.


  • Working on building AbiWord packages for Maemo. Fortunately 2.6.8 almost build out of the box. I struggle more with disk space than anything else. The previous packages pre-2.6 were build with --enable-debug that spew asserts almost all the time (this has gotten better, but released package must not use that option) and is actually much slower.
  • Mental note: after doing a new install, don't forget to tune2fs your / filesystem to set the reserved percentage to 1 instead of 5.
  • Apparently there are several bugs in AbiWord 2.6.x that only manifest on the device.