Today AbiWord is eleven year old according to this commit.

Over these 11 years, it has been ported to 5 different platforms/toolkits, 2 of these having been dropped (QNX and BeOS), 1 on life support (MacOS X). It has had 3 build systems. Plain Makefiles, autotools and then a rewrite of the autotools build system for better, not mentioning the "IDE" support. It has had 3 different servers, one at SourceGear, one at the University of Omaha, Nebraska and the current at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, running respectively Debian, FreeBSD and Fedora. Also 2 version control systems: CVS then Subversion.

According to ohloh, AbiWord have had 79 committers, including the 5 top with over 1400 commits, 405K Lines of C++ Code (and more with the other languages) 1929 source files in the tree. According to ohloh, again, AbiWord code base is worth close to 10M$ (I'm not convinced about that last statement from ohloh metrics, but why not).

And we forgot to celebrate the 10 years last year. :-(