See part 1 if you haven't.

As of this week, some changes in b2g cause more breakage in the build process on Fedora. Plus some various bugs.

First, if when doing the make config-galaxy-s2 you get the following error:

cp: cannot create regular file `../../../vendor/samsung/c1-common/proprietary/etc/mdnie_tune_bypass_mode': No such file or directory

in the B2G directory, do a

mkdir ./glue/gonk/vendor/samsung/c1-common/proprietary/etc

and try again.

Also, make gonk will want to run a pre-build xulrunner in 32-bits

  • freetype.i686
  • fontconfig.i686
  • alsa-lib.i686
  • dbus-glib.i686
  • pango.i686
  • gtk2.i686
  • libXt.i686

Ideally, the fix would be to actually get a 64-bits xulrunner instead. Patches welcomeâ„¢ I was told. On your copious-spare-timeâ„¢.