No, AbiWord is not dead. The project has been very very slow moving due to very little contributions. But sometime a spark ignite things.

Martin needed to fix a major issue we had related to how AbiWord uses Gtk wrong

Then I took some time to perform two long overdue tasks:

1. Moving to git. We have had a complete mirror of the Subversion repository for a few years on Github. But now that GNOME moved to their own Gitlab, I felt that this was a more appropriate place for AbiWord. So we did. Thanks to Carlos Soriano, AbiWord is now hosted in GNOME World.

2. Making AbiWord available as a Flatpak. This would alleviate all the issues plagging us wher distribution never update the app, even on the stable branch. For a while I had a manifest to build it, all it needed were a few adjustments and reaching the hosting stage.. Thanks to the Flathub team, AbiWord 3.0.2+ is now available on Flathub. Check it out.

The next steps:

1. Release 3.0.3 (the current stable branch) and update the Flatpak.

2. Release (I think it will be 3.2) as the next stable branch. This one includes a large set of fixes that should fix lot of crash and memory corruptions.

3. Work on more incremental release. With Flatpak this will be easier.

4. Gtk4 port: we might hit some roadblock with that.