Last Sunday I returned from Barcelona where I was attending OOoCon 2007, the I intended to blog earlier about it, but Smith law[1] decided to come into effect and make my server hard drive die, said server hosting my various services.

Astute readers will notice that the title of this post if "Back from Iceland" this is not completely inaccurate. I flew from BCN (Barcelona) to AMS (Amsterdam Schiphol), waited a few hours and then from AMS to YYZ (Toronto). But that last leg got rerouted to Kevlavik, Iceland because some passenger had decided to not board the plane. In that case, the regulation is to off-load their luggages, but we all know how airports and airlines are good at tracking luggages, we ended up taking with 3 extra piece of luggages than we had counted for. As a consequence, into the flight we got told that we would be re-routed to Kevlavik, Iceland to off-load them. Technically Iceland is the last country I took off from, and the landscape I saw during the landing did intrigue me. Now I wish to go there to visit.

What happened during OOoCon 2007?

First of all I met the whole team from Novell, again.

Second, on Friday, I gave my talk, in the most gorgeous auditorium I have seen, about our work on implementing Office Open XML import in Fridrich had done one about the Writer filter (along with his Sun counterpart), I did one on the other part of the filter, the Impress and Calc filters.

To be continued...


[1] this law pretend that Murphy was optimistic