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Wednesday 16 March 2005

Tiling picture

jwz has hacked a script to tile images in Perl using PerlMagick. Looks nice.

But as he said, he has hardtime generating a multi-layered image to be able to reposition pictures individual as the union of the set of file format the support this and the set if file formats that ImageMagick and the GIMP both work with seems to ne empty. ImageMagick does not write GIMP .xcf files, and GIMP poorly support .psd, Photoshop native file format. And GIMP Perl scripting seems to be... unusable (last I tried it, I didn't find proper documentation to understand how it works).

Maybe SVG compositing would help ?

I'll look at this, I like the idea.

Camera repair

I need to have my Canon 20D repaired, after a bad fall. The window of the top LCD is broken badly. Last time, for a repair covered by the Canon warranty, it took 7 week to fix a battery door. I want to avoid the 7 weeks without camera, because it is just unacceptable (I forgot to complain to Canon about that). If anyone knows a repair shop in Montreal that can do that quickly for a decent price, I'd be much obliged.