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Thursday 22 September 2005


Some moron decided to post a virus for Windows in AbiWord's bugzilla. Since we can't delete attachment in bugzilla (with good reason), I went to set the attachment blob to null using the following magic in MySQL:

mysql> uses bugs;
mysql> update attachments set thedata="" where attach_id=1234;

Replace 1234 by the real attachment id as shown in the web interface. I didn't delete the actual row because I didn't want to risk the database to be inconsistent. I also disable the guilty account. Lately we have had two person posting "test" bugs...

And to paraphrase Nat, this person gets my middle finger of the week.

Another camera using DNG

Ricoh GR Digital is another camera that use the documented DNG file format for RAW files. After Leica Digital module R and Hasselblad digtal backs for medium format cameras. But the Ricoh is the first to not be in the top end price range, ie much less than $1,000.