So my IBM/Lenovo/Thinkpad[1] battery is still not in after 3 weeks. Richard I think that the problem you are experiencing clearly show a leveling down of the quality that is also affecting the Thinkpad line, the one that still has IBM on the label and for which you call IBM.

Note that the supervisor at the PC hotline told me it was because of the huge Sony battery recal (hint, my battery is a Sanyo), etc. But yesterday I called in I got a representative that told me there was an attempt of delivery with the wrong address last week. Wrong address He took note of the address again and told me it was fixed with the courier and that I'll get it today Wednesday. But no. I checked with the tracking and it was still waiting for a new address. Bottom line I won't get it before tomorrow.

So not only IBM/Lenovo/Thinkpad are incompetent, even more they lie to you.


[1] who knows who does what today