Zaurus, one of the first Linux based PDA, the one where everything started is gonna disappear. Apparently Sharp announced that they'll discontinue the product. I think that one of the reason the Zaurus was not that successful is that it was not easy to buy: Japan, a selection of models in the US, and that's mostly all. And it was somewhat expensive.

Nokia 770 vs N800: I have had in hands for a few minutes on of my coworker's N800. All I can say is that the design is definitely an improvement over the Nokia 770. Two SD card slot, including one that is "inside" (next to the battery), that's is definitely good. To cut all the rumors, the screen is the same size on both. Sean Luke has written an easy about the N800 as seen from a Newton user and developer. Very interesting reading, and given the openness of the Maemo platform, it is doable by third parties. I'm still dreaming of a N800 with a "foldable" keyboard.

Update: according to this comment, the iPaq running Linux predated it.