You have a checkout of the tree with a specific workspace. That means you have all the individual modules either stuck to the milestone of the CWS or in the branch of the CWS.

When the CWS get resynchronized to a new milestone, you'll need to update your tree. Two solutions:

  1. For each module, cd into that module, if the module is not in the CWS, cvs update -r NEWTAG -Pd. If the module is in the CWS, cvs update -Pd. Maybe there is a faster solution, but I don't know it, so look at solution 2.
  2. Use cws-cvsrebase. Just call cws-cvsrebase NEWTAG and it will do what is described in 1.

It proved to be helpful this time again to update xmlfilter02 that had been resynced to SRC680_m239.

You'll find cws-cvsrebase in the ooo-build tree. See in the subversion tree

Things I still have to do:

  • report CVS conflicts. For now, check the update.log file in the current directory.
  • use EIS to check the status of the modules instead of poking the CVS directories.