I just released Gnote 0.1.2. Here are the changes:

  • Don't return containers on the stack.
  • BUG: Pinning notes now work.
  • BUG: Fix a potential crasher in PrefsKeybinder in the gconf callback.
  • BUG: Fixed typos in man page.
  • BUG: Remove the use of gettext calls that are only in glib 2.18
  • BUG: Fix Note search that didn't work. (Close #578956) (Wade Berrier)
  • BUG: Fix the position of the menu in case of popping upward. (Close #578958)
  • NEW: Imported the manual (Close #578982)
  • NEW: Addin preferences. (TO FINISH)
  • Clarified some (c) notices.

You can find it on GNOME FTP