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Tuesday 7 December 2004

Flash iPod ?

Mac Rumors talks about the rumored Flash iPod. My question is: will it read the Ogg files ? Will it work without the crippled iTunes, the software that lose feature at each release, and so work painlessly with Linux and other Free Software ? I doubt so given how Apple support Open Source software.

I still don't understand the iPod Photo that does not have a flash media reader...

Update (Dec 8): I was unclear. The iPod works fine with Linux, thanks to the combined effort of developpers that reverse engineered the proprietary format of the iTunes database. But this has been done without Apple's help that did not even provide documentation.

RSS feed reader: Liferea

Liferea is a nice Gtk based RSS feed reader. Before I was using Straw, but I complained that it was slowing down my machine and using too much RAM.

I feel somewhat satisfied by this one. I also allow to sort feeds hierarchically. And since it is written in C, I can eventually hack on it, unlike Straw for which I would have to learn Python.

AbiWord 2.2.1

AbiWord 2.2.1 has been released last week. Read the changelog or download it. Works on Linux (and the other UNIX), MacOS X, Windows and other platforms.

Why 2.2.1 and not 2.2 ? Because we released 2.2 and found a couple of bugs that required fixing.

We also got slashdotted with the announcement. Nothing serious, just visibility, and comments for never happy MacOS X users. Nevermind. The MacOS X version is finally available, thanks to FJF for the great work and for taking over this task.

Gnumeric got its 1.4 release too, and is now available on Windows. When will there be a X11 less version on MacOS X ? When someone ports Gtk+ 2...

Back online

So the server is back online in my new appartment. Should have been earlier, thanks to Bell Canada for the suckage in not setting up my POTS line properly. See my rant on LiveJournal.

Kudos to the folks of Wiznet for the good service.