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Monday 20 December 2004

iChat to support Jabber in MacOS X 10.4

According to AppleInsider, iChat will support Jabber in the next MacOS X version. Jabber is an open instant messenging system that proves to be more versatile than the other IM.

I think I already blogged about that earlier in September, but the articles are off-line.

OpenOffice.org 2.0 no longer free

According to the Inquirer, OpenOffice.org 2.0 makes use of HSQL Embedded database engine for its database component. The issue is that HSQL is written in Java and though require a Java runtime, which is not free, given the current state of the Free java reimplementation. The source code license has not changed, but this dependency is probably not the best choice, even thought it is also Free Software. Probably because Sun and Java are so closely related.

Unit testing

I started this week-end to implement unit testing in AbiWord. For now, I use WvTest class from WvStreams. I must do that before I start to work on rewritting the core framework. Perhaps should I look into cppunit and depend on that.

I also started using arch to have revision control on my own branch of AbiWord off the CVS tree.