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Monday 18 April 2005

Are recruiters tech savvy ?

I got a mail from a recruiter this morning. It is for a contracting job in France. Note that I'm not interested at all, it was unsollicited, but I just wanted to underline the level of tech skills they have, or more the lack thereof. This is a basic minimum they just don't have.

In their e-mail they say:

Compétences Techniques de base

Au moins un UNIX parmi : Solaris, Tru 64, AIX, NT4/WIN2K/WIN2003

That means in English:

Basic technical skills required

At least one UNIX in the following : Solaris, Tru 64, AIX, NT4/WIN2K/WIN2003

If on this they are even unable to be accurate in their job postings, then I wonder how they can select applicants (the error is left as an exercise to the reader). The sender of this mail is a "Director" for one of these contracting agency, that try to fullfills customer IT staff requirement. So knowing that should be part of his job.

I simply replied to him that he failed to the basic technical knowledge test.

Quote du jour

Canada taxes are lower, French forms are easier.

This is a free adaptation of a similar quote relating to US taxes and swedish forms... that I read a few years ago in some .signature.