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Thursday 19 May 2005

Nautilus Browser ?

Murray I completely agree with the RFE, but I'd like to see a browser view also, the view with hierarchical column inherited from NeXT. It is great for power users.

I'll post a screenshot later for people who don't see what I mean.

And shall I tell how much I hate the "ubuntu no spatial" hack ?

Edelweiss - Picture of the day, May 19 2005

Today is old slide undusting.

An Edelweiss, a flower only found in high altitude. I took that picture in August 1991 while hicking above Tignes in the French Alp. Camera is Canon FTb, 50mm f/1.4 lens with close-up lenses in front. Shot on Kodak Ektachrome. I just wish I could make the shot better today.

I did put the gallery with other pictures from the same roll.