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Sunday 29 May 2005

OOo impress

I decided to make the slides for my GUADEC talk using OpenOffice.org Impress 1.1.3. This is the first time I use, and probably the last time. I currently cannot display the whole presentation as some images seems to be skipped. Same from the backup. And they are not always the same that are missing.

Any idea ?

Live from GUADEC, day 1

Currently listening to Miguel Keynote.

Yesterday was the pre-opening Nokia party, Nokia demoing the Nokia 770 tablet PC and giving away 30 of these with a lottery. This device is sweet. It currently just does not have PIM programs. Oh well. It is Open Source and still prototype.

This morning, I went to Keith Packard Freedesktop talk and to Owen Taylor Cairo talk.

And my wireless still no longer works. With kernel, hotplug crashes and fail. With 2.6.11 and 2.6.12, everything just freeze 'til I eject the card.