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Friday 27 May 2005


There is a wonderful app on Palm: Metro. Unfortunately it is only free beer, and apparently they intend to stay so as they explicitly say to not ask the source. Too bad. Anyone thinking reimplementing this as Open Source, eventually reusing their datafiles (I mean supporting their data format so that one can use them) ? The Nokia 770 would be a perfect target.

BTW, I installed Stuttgart metro file for tomorrow.

Router sucks

My mom bought a Netgear GD632 as a modem/router for ADSL connection. This router, even if it seems to run Linux, really suck. I haven't been able to connect my laptop as it permanently does link up / link down. My mom's eMac has the issue too, but end up working anyway. First time I see that.

Safe landing in France

Arrived in France this morning.

Funny stuff: the B777 on-board video system is running Windows CE. As a consequence, it did crash, and my seat was not working... Too bad, I could have had the occasion de re-watch Wargames. Nevermind.

Tomorrow I'm heading Stuttgart by train to attend GUADEC. See you there GNOMErs !