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Friday 14 October 2005


Wednesday I spent my NDF working on removing various memory leaks for AbiWord 2.4.2.

It all started with a Unit Test that was leaking memory because the class UT_Map had a bug. Since only a couple of plugins use that class(1) I had to test, and the StarWriter (.sdw) importer looked like a good candidate. So I installed the whole set of plug-ins to debug and noticed and opened a file, running under valgrind to make sure I was not trashing memory, leaking or other nastiness that that Unit Test did not reveal.

That's how I found other leaks. Some of these involving bad API design. So I had no choice but fix them. There are still few left and probably more to discover.

(1) actually we have several hash classes that I plan on removing to only use one.

Breezy Badger

Breezy Badger the Ubuntu 5.10 release is out since yesterday.

Congrats to the Ubuntu team for the work.