Today Linux Expo was held in Montreal on the side of ExpoTI, on the same floor. There was a few kiosks for non profit .org like FACIL. Originally I was offered to get one to present GNOME, but I declined due to a few logistic issues (including the required cost to get electricity), but to be fair, KDE didn't make it either. Definitely next year, with more planning, I'll see what can be done if at all possible.

I'm somewhat disappointed by the lack of presence from big vendors: no RedHat, no Novell/SuSE, no IBM, no... Believe it or not, I still find really important to have big vendor presence on such shows, even with some real local actors.

Here is some spam:


And printing some flyers for the show (for FACIL) required me to fix bug 318916 in Evince.