It is MacWorld, and like every year, Apple released some new hardware.

The long rumored $500 G4-based Mac called Mac mini. Probably as expandable as the original Mac 128k, but BYOKMS (Bring Your Own Keyboard, Mouse and Screen). $600 if you want DVD burner and more disk (you get a few CPU cycles extra as well). Looks really nice and does not really take a lot of space on the desk. That could do a real great machine for AbiWord development. Does not come with iWork '05; that is really cheap. Much like high-end machines never came with AppleWorks while the cheaper did. And the Mac mini feature an ATI 9200 as video card, so there is hope to have it run Linux in a forseable future, without Airport Extreme.

The also long rumored iPod flash called iPod shuffle. Up to 1GB of flash, and only shuffle mode playback. At the same time, Quicktime 7, and still no Ogg support. $149 in the 1GB version.

AbiWord has a new competitor on MacOS X, in the name of Pages, part of the iWork '05 suite. I wonder what file format to Pages use. Keynote use some sort of XML-based format, so there is hope that we might be able to import it without much trouble. But with this product, no hope they ever sponsor a project like AbiWord or OpenOffice to run better on Macs.