I still haven't had my hands on Pages, because I don't have either the software, nor the hardware to run it.

But MacGeneration has a review (fr) of the product. From what it shows, it is a full fledged application, more page oriented than text oriented. Apparently their Word importer is not as good as it could be (the feature noted down in the article as not being imported are supported in AbiWord) but it seems to do a decent job. I suspect they use the .doc filter that is in MacOS X 10.3.

I can't really tell more as I don't have it in hand.

And for those who still wonder, my previous comparison was sort of a joke, because often people complain about the disk space that take OpenOffice.org or MS-Office.

Looks like to some extent, that AbiWord has a good competitor on MacOS X. I wish I could do something myself.